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The Indiana Association of Workers for the Blind (IAWB) was founded on December 12, 1912 in Indianapolis. Its first president was W. E. Metcalf. The stated purpose of the
organization was advocacy for the blind in Indiana. It has since evolved to help all persons who are suffering from significant visual impairment (legally blind) to come together and discuss issues of common significance and to provide social activities geared for such persons.  Currently the Fort Wayne Chapter of the Workers conducts a weekly bowling league for blind members , a monthly luncheon meeting for all members, a summer outdoor picnic, a Christmas dinner, and an annual convention.  In 2006 the statewide convention was hosted by the Fort Wayne Chapter of the Workers for the Blind.


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The next White Cane Drive is scheduled for 10/27/18


Scheduled Events for 2018


TBA                   Summer Picnic

 October 27      White Cane Drive

December 8     Christmas Banquet